11/17/2021MVAMile marker 15 Hwy. 60Accident was out of our jurisdiction/miss paged went on stand-by
21/29/2021MVAHwy. 10 and Hickory Ave.2-vehicle accident w/injuries
32/12/2021MVA4981 Hwy. 602-vehicle accident w/injuries
42/12/2021Mutual Aid351 20th St. NW. Sioux CenterStand-by for structure fire
52/19/2021False Alarm306 8th St. SW.General fire alarm - pull station activation
62/21/2021Assistance308 S. Main Ave. Sioux CenterSpecial Operations
72/23/2021False Alarm510 8th St. SE.General fire alarm - accidental activation
83/1/2021MVAMM 9 Hwy. 60 south bound lane2-vehicle accident w/injuries
93/4/2021Trouble Alarm1000 Lincoln Circle SE.General fire alarm/system malfunction
103/6/2021Trouble Alarm1005 7th St. NE.General fire alarm/system malfunction
113/19/2021Haz-Mat6th St. and Albany Ave. SE.MVA fluid cleanup
123/30/2021Fire506 Lincoln Ave. SE.Vehicle fire
133/31/2021Mutual AidFire Station 1 (LeMars)Fire stand-by
143/31/2021False Alarm512 8th St. SE.General fire alarm/system malfunction
154/1/2021False Alarm512 8th St. SE.General fire alarm/system malfunction
164/5/2021Fire450th and Ironwood Ave.Tree pile fire
174/16/2021False Alarm104 8th St. SW.General fire alarm/construction dust
184/18/2021Fire4187 Jackson Ave.Brush pile on fire/unattended
194/20/2021Haz-Mat1020 Albany Place SE.Assist Haz-Mat Team
204/30/2021MVAFlorida Ave. and 2nd St. NW.2-vehicle accident
215/16/2021Mutual AidSibley requested foam trailersTrain derailment w/fire
225/26/2021Fire3981 Jackson Ave.Structure fire
235/31/2021MVA430th and Ironwood Ave.1-vehicle rollover
246/2/2021False Alarm208 8th St. SW.General fire alarm/construction dust
256/7/2021Mutual AidFire Station 1 (LeMars)Fire stand-by
266/9/2021Fire103 Kentucky Ave. SW.Deck fire
276/12/2021Fire4249 Jackson Ave.Grass and debris fire
286/12/2021Mutual Aid3338 430th St. (Sioux Center)Grove fire