11/15/2020Fire403 14th St. SE.General fire alarm/small fire in manufacturing
21/16/2020Haz-MatAlbany Ave. S. and Hwy. 102-vehicle MVA fluid cleanup
31/20/2020Fire460th and Albany PL. SE.Vehicle fire
41/20/2020Mutual Aid520 2nd Ave. SW. (LeMars)Structure fire
51/22/2020False alarm216 Michigan Ave. SW.General fire alarm/ball hit smoke detector
61/26/2020Trouble alarm701 15th St. SE.General fire alarm/faulty 3rd floor smoke detector
71/26/2020Trouble alarm701 15th St. SE.General fire alarm/water leak in alarm system
81/31/2020Haz-Mat905 5th St. SE.Odor of gas in residence
92/2/2020Trouble alarm104 8th St. SW.General fire alarm/faulty smoke detector 1st. W.
102/2/2020Haz-Mat304 Hartford Ave. SE.Odor of gas in residence
112/9/2020Rescue905 7th St. SE.Ambulance assist
122/24/2020Mutual AidLeMars Station 1 (LeMars)Structure fire/stand-by
133/14/2020Fire1213 Hwy. 10 W.Structure fire
143/16/2020False alarm613 Colorado Ave. SW.General fire alarm/pull station activated
153/18/2020MVA470th St. and Jay Ave.1-vehicle accident/w injuries
163/19/2020False alarm613 Colorado Ave SW.General fire alarm/power outage
173/27/2020Mutual AidLeMars Station 1 (LeMars)Structure fire/stand-by
183/27/2020False alarm1005 7th St. NE.General fire alarm/alarm company doing maintenance
194/5/2020Fire4187 Jackson Ave.Grass fire
204/8/2020Trouble alarm720 Albany SE.General fire alarm/construction accidental activation
214/11/2020Fire208 18th St. NW.Grass fire
224/14/2020Mutual Aid4849 Harrison Ave.Structure fire
234/17/2020Investigation 322 6th St. NE.Odor investigation/electrical smell
244/21/2020Fire4567 Jay Ave.Trash and tree fire
254/22/2020Mutual Aid4411 400th St. (Hospers)Tires on fire
265/1/2020False alarm101 14th St. SE.General fire alarm/accidental pull station
275/4/2020False alarm720 Albany Ave. SE.General fire alarm/water leak into detector
285/4/2020MVA7th St. and Concord Ave. NE.1-vehicle rollover
295/6/2020False alarm703 Colorado Ave. SW.General fire alarm/pull station activated
305/13/2020Fire4192 Jackson Ave.Hay fire
315/16/2020Fire903 7th St. NW.Grass fire
325/18/2020False alarm720 Albany Ave. SEGeneral fire alarm/construction accidental activation
336/1/2020Good Intent470th St. and Hwy. 60Traffic control
346/3/2020Trouble alarm104 8th St. SW.General fire alarm/faulty smoke detector 3rd floor
356/6/2020Mutual AidStand-by at our station (LeMars)Drowning
366/9/2020Good IntentOCFD StationSevere weather warning
376/21/2020Good IntentOCFD StationSevere weather warning
386/22/2020False alarm104 8th St. SW.General fire alarm/construction accidental activation
396/27/2020Investigation 415 2nd St. SE.Odor investigation/gas odor
407/1/2020Trouble alarm617 Albany Ave. SE.General fire alarm/burnt food
417/6/2020Haz-Mat420 5th St. NW.Natural gas leak
427/7/2020MVAFirst St. and Concord Ave. SE.2-vehicle accident w/injuries
437/12/2020Fire400th St. and Jackson Ave.Vehicle fire
447/16/2020MVA450th St. and Jefferson Ave.1-vehicle rollover w/injuries
457/16/2020Investigation 113 3rd St. NE.General fire alarm/accidental pull station - Chief reset
467/17/2020MVA470th St. and Jackson Ave.2-vehicle accident w/injuries
477/18/2020Trouble alarm703 Albany Ave. SE.General fire alarm/faulty smoke detector lower level
487/18/2020Trouble alarm1019 Arizona Place SW.General fire alarm/faulty flow switch on riser
497/19/2020Trouble alarm1000 Lincoln Circle SE.General fire alarm/faulty smoke detector in air duct
507/20/2020Fire1020 Albany Place Se.Fire in paint lab
517/21/2020Mutual AidLeMars Station 1 (LeMars)Stand-by for all calls
527/31/2020MVA3rd St. SE. and Albany Ave.Vehicle verses bicycle
538/9/2020Good IntentOCFD StationSevere weather warning
548/9/2020Mutual Aid4103 Ibex Ave. (Sioux Center)Structure fire
558/11/2020MVAAlbany Ave. S. and 11th St. SE.2-vehicle accident w/injuries
568/14/2020Investigation 3920 Jackson Ave.Possible structure fire
578/24/2020Rescue630 Central Ave. SW.Elevator entrapment
588/28/2020Fire602 Kansas Ave. SW.Trash tote fire
598/29/2020Fire706 Georgia Ave. SW.Trash and appartment siding fire
608/29/2020Mutual Aid620 Greenwood Ave. (LeMars)Structure fire
619/1/2020Trouble alarm914 8th St. SE.General fire alarm/burnt food
629/2/2020Mutual Aid34619 120th St. (LeMars)Structure fire
639/13/2020Fire403 4th St. NE.Oven fire
649/15/2020Mutual AidLeMars Station 1 (LeMars)Stand-by for all calls
659/22/2020Good IntentOCFD StationSpecial operations stand-by
6610/2/2020FireKentucky Ave. and 5th St. SW.Camper trailer fire
6710/3/2020Auto Aid702 E. Division St. (Alton)Residential fire alarm
6810/7/2020Rescue11th St. and Denver Place SE.2-vehicle accident w/injuries
6910/7/2020False alarm101 14th St. SE.General fire alarm/system maintenance
7010/10/2020Fire450th St. and Ibex Ave.Field fire
7110/11/2020Mutial Aid (Ireton)2551 480th St.Field fire
7210/11/2020Good IntentOCFD StationSevere weather warning
7310/19/2020Fire3469 460th St.Brush pile
7410/25/2020Rescue380th St. and Jackson Ave.1-vehicle accident
7510/27/2020Trouble alarm1020 Albany Place SE.Sprinkler flow switch tripped
7610/27/2020FireHwy. 60 and 500th St.Vehicle fire
7710/27/2020Trouble alarm1020 Albany Place SE.Sprinkler flow switch tripped
7811/5/2020Investigation 460th St. and Frankfort Pl. SE.Hay bale on fire
7911/6/2020Trouble alarm205 7th St. SW.General fire alarm/burnt food
8011/7/2020Mutual Aid (Maurice)4717 Hickory Ave.Structure fire
8111/7/2020Mutual Aid (Maurice)4938 Goldfinch Ave.Field fire
8211/10/2020Rescue480th and Jackson Ave.1-vehicle rollover
8311/14/2020Trouble alarm205 7th St. SW.General fire alarm/burnt food
8411/16/2020Trouble alarm615 Central Ave. SE.General fire alarm/faulty detector
8511/18/2020Rescue216 Albany Ave. NE.3-vehicle accident/w minor injuries
8611/19/2020Haz-MatArizona Ave. and 5th St. SW.2-vehicle accident fluid cleanup